Pelikonepeijoonit in the media


→ Mentioned in Arto Teräs' report of AltParty
→ Mentioned in Agricolan Tietosanomat 2/1999
→ Interviewed for
→ Mentioned in Vitonen article about GameWorld
Many more...


GEAR Magazine (UK) #6 - photos for the article about handheld games
PELIT magazine 11/2002 - mentioned in a spoof about GameWorld
MIKROBITTI magazine 9/2000 - in the internet link recommendations
TIETOVIIKKO newspaper 40 and 41/2002 (?) - mentioned in an article about Salora Manager
KESKIPOHJANMAA newspaper 17.4.2000 - interviewed in an article about collectors
ILTA-SANOMAT newspaper 2.12.2002 - interviewed in an article about GameWorld
TYRVÄÄN SANOMAT newspaper 12.12.2002 - interview / exhibition at the Tyrvää museum
SATAKUNNAN KANSA newspaper 17.12.2002 - a mention about the Tyrvää exhibition
PELIT magazine 5/2003 - interview / photos for a big gaming history article
OTE magazine 5/2003 - mentioned in a gaming culture article
AAMULEHTI/ALLAKKA newspaper 23.8.2003 - full page interview with photos
PELIT magazine 9/2003 - photos for a gaming history article
MIKROBITTI magazine 9/2003 - link in an "electronic failures" article
PELAAJA magazine 4/2003 - two quotes in a "Space Invaders anniversary" article
CLASSIC GAMER MAGAZINE 1/vol2. - review of Manu's VSB game


RADIO YLE SUOMI - mentioned in an interview about the museum exhibition
YLE X 22.9.2003 - a long (about 40 mins) interview with Mikko about collecting video games and the GameOn museum in Helsinki

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