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Daewoo KOBO

A weird, weird, weird Korean computer
From the "Freakiest Freak Thing in Freak Land Department" we have the following. Apparently these pictures originate from a Korean blog by a fellow called HanHoGuy. If you read this, and have something against us using your pictures, please let us know.

Thanks also to Kris for letting me know of this.

So. What is it? We don't know exactly. Seems to be related to MSX, since it runs at least some MSX programs and we know Daewoo made all kinds of weird MSX related products like the Zemmix consoles. It also probably works as a learning computer for kids. What we know, is that it has one of the most awesome (matter of opinion) designs evah!

The monitor

Sideview of the monitor.

Then the keyboard. Ergonomic, eh?

Actually, it's more than a keyboard. It's the computer itself.

A matching joystick.

Keyboard controller for kids. Very Zemmixy design.

This goes under the monitor...

And it's for... storing stuff?

The whole thing.

Running the learning software.

And running Snatcher (!).

The power unit, sporting the KOBO logo.

And the manual.

I'd love one! But that's just me...
this thing is probably very, very, very hard to find.
Any more information is welcome.