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Weirdish Famiclone

Facts & Photos
This all came to me inside a plastic bag that I got free. (Thanks to T.Helenius)
Inside it, was something fairly weird.

A famiclone that looks like Megadrive 2, 2 carts, 2 guns (that feel very nice with micro switched triggers) and 4 controllers (4? why? and why 6 buttons when NES uses 2?).

It even has the logo! Actual name of this thing is LIN TONG LT-777. How nice.

The usual XXX-in1 carts, that probably have about 12 games.

More weirdness was the two PSU's.. The one on the right has US type plugs..

..but it's still a 220V transformer.. the other one.. outputs a totally wrong voltage for the system.. so neither of these can be used by me.