Manufacturer: Sega
Year: 1986
Fact: Yu Suzuki's racing masterpiece.
We have: Restored and fully working deluxe (moving) sitdown version of cabinet.
Owner: HB

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OutRun Deluxe Sitdown


Info: Main CPUs: 2 x MC68000 CPUs at 12.5 MHz. Sound CPU: Z80 at 4 MHz. Sound chips: YM2151 at 4 MHz, SegaPCM at 15.625 kHz. Our cabinet spent most of its operating life at the Puuhamaa amusement park in Tervakoski, Finland. We bought it in 2009 and restored it to working condition. In late 2009, it was on display at the Pelaa! exhibition in Salo, receiving a fair amount of interest.