Manufacturer: Sega
Year: 1992
Fact: One of Sega's classics
We have: The twin cabinet, missing parts, an on-going project (August 2003)
Owner: PKP

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Virtua Racing Twin


Info: This is one beast of a machine that's been giving us trouble for some time now. It was in horrific state when we got it, and has been on and off our to do list for over a year now. I took the internals from the two partly functional upright cabs and installed the missing monitors, boards etc. into this cabinet. The game sort of worked, gave a picture on both screens, but the force feedbacks were very much off. The right hand side was missing the V.R. wheel position potentiometer and the left side was misaligned. 31st of July 2003 : Both controls now work and feedback is correctly adjusted on both sides! And here's the European VR Twin version instruction manual (10 MB PDF)