Manufacturer: Commodore
Year: 1985
Fact: A financial failure 3-in-1. The 'diesel' model with separate keyboard & built-in disk drive
We have: 3 main units (other one with a slightly different design than this one). Some 128 mode applications & cartridges. everything designed for C-64 also works.
Owner: HB

Games for 128D


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Info: 3 modes: C-64. C-128. CP/M. 2 CPUs. 8502 with 1 or 2 MHz and Z80 at 2 MHz. 128 kB RAM. Died a quiet death since the CP/M mode was slow and no really great programs were ever made for the 128 mode. That effectively made this a pricey C-64. The C-64 emulation is 100%. though. This "Diesel"-model has a built-in 1571 disk drive which is just as slow as the external one.