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Salora Fellow 1983
Salora Manager 1983
Salora Videotex Unknown
Schneider CPC-664 1985
Schneider EuroPC Unknown
Sega SC-3000 1983
Sharp MZ-731 1983
Sharp MZ-80A 1983
Sharp MZ-821 1985
Sharp PC-1500 Unknown
Sharp X68000 Pro 1989
Sharp X68030 1993
Silicon Graphics Indigo 1991
Silicon Graphics Indigo 2 1993
Silicon Graphics Indy 1993
Sinclair ZX-81 1981
Sinclair Spectrum DKTronics Unknown
Sinclair Spectrum Unknown
Sinclair Spectrum Plus Unknown
Sinclair Spectrum Plus 2 Unknown
Sinclair Spectrum Plus 3 Unknown
Sony HitBit MSX 1984
Sord M5 1982
Spectravideo SV-318 1982
Spectravideo SVI-728 MSX 1983
Spectravideo SVI-738 XPress MSX 1983
Sun SparcStation 2 1990

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