Manufacturer: Acorn
Year: 1991
Fact: One of Mikko's Grails.
We have: The computer with 200 MB hard disk and 4096 KB RAM.
Owner: HB

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Archimedes A5000


Info: The A5000 is the first machine to feature high density (quad - 1.6 Meg formatted) drives by default as well as the latest (at the time) version of Risc OS - version 3. It also features an inbuilt IDE hard drive (40 Meg) on it's higher end model. With the re-release of the series the basic hard drive size has been upgraded to 80 Meg. Released September 1991. 1024k Memory (4 MB in our machine). Advanced Disc Filing System by default with High Density drives. IDE interface by default. ARM 3 processor (25 MHz).

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