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These are 5 games that I have started during the past 2 years but haven't completed. Some of them I might still continue to work on, then again maybe not. If you want to encourage me or give any other feedback, mail me. For most of the games, this is their first public appearance.
 Manu's Incomplete Game - Volume 1 - Nonagalf

The original code for this was done really fast. At that time, I didn't have the required knowledge to make the ball move in more than 8 directions, but the game is still somewhat fun to play with. I've gotten some nice feedback and might start this over sometime. The process I used to make the 'golf courses' is very time consuming and only allows straight walls atm.. Thing I'm most proud of - background music playing during play :) I think the binary below has been released before, there might be some tweaks. I also have another binary with a different course (might add it here sometime).

Download MIG vol1 - Nonagalf

 Manu's Incomplete Game - Volume 2 - VecSports Kingpin

After VecSports Boxing was finished, I wanted to continue in sports games and this was one of the ideas. The name is VecSports Kingpin, so the abbreviation wouldn't be the same (Bowling and Boxing start with a B). Things that discouraged me was the difficulty to get the scoring to be counted like in real bowling and also the ball physics would have had to been worked on. Anyways, this still is one of the few Vectrex four player games as it is. This is a later binary than the one I've released before, I think the difference is the amount of curve you can apply. Thing I'm most proud of - four player game play.

Download MIG vol2 - VecSports Kingpin

 Manu's Incomplete Game - Volume 3 - B.E.T.H.

Boulder Escape Terror Hazard. My most hyped game - and all the hype done by me. I've mentioned this project  several times on the rec.games.vectrex  newsgroup and even presented the artwork for the game cover. However, this is where it still stands. Even if it doesn't look like a million bucks,  this game has more code behind it than the completed VecSports Boxing. It is VecVoice compatible (just try it out on the real thing). The idea is to use buttons 1-4 to jump from boulder (asteroid) to another and avoid hitting the forcefield running around on the edges. The problem was (and is) that besides several ideas, I couldn't get a real idea for the gameplay. Was it to have a time limit? Did the force field shrink? Would you have to do something else too? Enemies to shoot? Etc.. Two player game would be just who stays alive longer, since you can't go on the same asteroid than the other player is on. Lots of good code, nice effects (big thanks for sound stuff to Alex and some other stuff to Marq)..  but *shrug*. Not to be confused with my early demo game B.E.T.H. - Battle Earth Terror Hazard :)

Download MIG vol3 - Boulder Escape Terror Hazard

 Manu's Incomplete Game - Volume 4 - Yoehl (Saga of Pathrk)

Nothing much to write about this. I worked on it for about a week just to see if I could do it. The game is basicly a 'gfx-engine' for a simple RPG. The trees, bushes, monsters, treasure chests etc. come from a data-file and it's really easy to add more screens. At one point I even had a version that randomly created new scenery as far as you could walk. The chests and monsters react to you, but there's nothing to see in the chests. Monsters take you into a fight, which doesn't work, you can just exit by pressing.. I think it was button 4. This game is one I'm least likely to continue on anymore. 

Download MIG vol4 - Yoehl

 Manu's Incomplete Game - Volume 5 - Ztagger

This is one project I started early 2004. Just wanted to brush up the ol' Vectrex coding and maybe learn new things. And boy if I did, thanks to Marq once again. This game does many things I didn't know how to do before and I'm proud of a lot of it. The idea is to shoot the right enemy with the right ammo (square ammo for squares etc.). It still needs some more gameplay ideas or maybe a complete overhaul. The collision detection doesn't work _at all_ so don't worry if you can't hit the enemies. I'm also pretty proud of the logo graphic :)

Download MIG vol5 - Ztagger

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