Latest news : 

26.8.2002 - Released the 0.4 bin. Get bowl04.bin from here. 1-4 players possible. Missing stuff still.
23.8.2002 -  Been adding stuff to it 1-2 hours daily.. 
19.8.2002 - Started developing the little bowling demo I made to prevent getting hangover from releasing VecSports Boxing.

 Screenshots : 

Okay, maybe this will never be a full-blown game, but I love to design logos 
and at least I'm trying to keep the programming stuff in my head.

Current features :
* 1-4 players
* curve setting
* cute little man bowling -animation
* most everything works
To be added / planned :
* Music & sound 
* Actual bowling scoring.. 
* better curve thing (more curve possible)
* possibility to make a strike with first throw
* strike and spare -fanfares

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